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Political Party ‘Power of People’ urges President Poroshenko to remove Mr. Yurii Lutsenko from office.

2019/03/26 10:00

Political Party ‘Power of People’ urges President Poroshenko to remove Mr. Yurii Lutsenko from office.


We, the Political Party ‘Power of People’, are profoundly shocked and outraged by the statements of the Prosecutor General of Ukraine Yurii Lutsenko. In his interview given to The Hill, Mr. Lutsenko accused U.S. Ambassador to Ukraine Marie Yovanovitch of being presented either orally or in writing with a “do not prosecute” list. Mr. Lutsenko has failed to provide any evidential to back up his claim of interference by U.S. law enforcement. This looks like nothing more than shameful political populism. Such provocative yet uncorroborated statements are highly inappropriate during the election season, especially given the ongoing informational and military aggression by the Russian Federation, and in light of the pervasive corruption of the political elite.

Yurii Lutsenko’s tenure as Prosecutor General has continued to erode the capacity of Ukrainian law enforcement. His cancelation of the reform process for the Prosecutor’s Office has left the institution as little more than a servant of political interests and organized crime. As a result, a wave of attacks and murders of civil society activists, which includes leaders of the ‘Power of People’ party, have gone largely unpunished. These heinous crimes, as well as the ones committed during the Yanukovych regime, the Revolution of Dignity, including finding those responsible for the execution of the Heavenly Hundred remain unsolved, the guilty unpunished.

The Political Party ‘Power of People’ calls on President Poroshenko to remove Mr. Yurii Lutsenko from office, by any and all legal means. In addition, we demand:  

  • launching a competitive section to replace the Prosecutor General and prosecutors of regional offices with broad public participation;
  • restricting in the legislation functions of the Prosecutor’s Office purely to representation of the state in courts;
  • optimizing the size and structure of the Prosecutor’s Office;

introducing institute of professional private prosecution.

We are very grateful to the American people for their support for Ukraine from against the ongoing aggression from the Russian Federation, as well as from corrupt political elites within Ukraine.