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A person is the highest value. An educated, developed, free, and responsible person who lives well is the main goal of Ukraine:

  • a developed state with civil society and high cultural and spiritual level;
  • a powerful state with strong economy in which innovations are implemented;
  • a just state in which the government serves people but not people serve the government;
  • a self-governed state in which people are united in powerful local communities and decide themselves how they want to live.

United and self-reliant people who are confident in their future are the basis of a state!


 Inspired by great documents which changed march of history, such as:

  • A general declaration on human rights, Convention for the Protection of Human Rights and Fundamental Freedoms, EU Charter of Fundamental Rights;
  • The constitution of Ukraine as the basic law and social contract of Ukrainian People;
  • Ukrainian Charter of Free Man as an appeal from moral authorities of Ukraine to us, representatives of a new generation of politically and social active leaders,

we assure, that have the following governing principles:


  • Human dignity is an absolute value and is determining factor in attitude to any person;
  • dignity should be cherished and never limited under any circumstances including cases when somebody has made a mistake or committed a crime. 


  • Freedom binds to bear responsibility for your own words and actions;
  • freedom without responsibility is a step to anarchy and chaos.


  • concious responsibility is the sign of a man and a society maturity.
  • Each person has to bear responsibility for its own words and actions;
  • responsibility means observing terms of agreements. Agreements between community and government, between a man and a state, between business partners, which were concluded for the benefit of the parties are a part of the legislation as any other law and breaking of which by anybody has to lead to calling to account;
  • the biggest problems of mankind, the most cruel wars began because of breaking of earlier established orders and concluded agreements. Their observing and improving is the only way to peace.


  • justice is one of the most important condition of peaceful coexistence of people;
  • justice means equal opportunities for all and to be equal under the law for all, it also guarantees benefits and stimulation for those who are active and hard-working in creating public goods;
  • ensuring a sufficient level of justice is a basic function of a state without which it transforms into a repressive structure;
  • fair judicial power is the main condition for ability to defend your own interests, rights, and freedoms; that’s why it is the basic factor insuring inner security and public tranquillity in a state so should be especially controlled by a society.


  • the government should be open and controlled by a society;
  • freedom of speech and belief are basic and inalienable rights of each person.


  • awareness and analyses of problems and challenges which arise before the nation and the state is not enough to change Ukraine, it is necessary to act;
  • if some processes in the state life are made improperly we don’t criticize but create project measures which will eliminate disadvantages.
  • we build the state with respect to the law, change legislation, and create conditions according to legislation rules;
  • We rely only on our own, on self-organization and self-government which are measures of success, understanding that we are interested ourselves to put things to rights and ensure our own communities, regions, and country development.


  • countries are prosperous only when there is solidarity and so goodwill, unity, and mutual help in their societies;
  • solidarity emerges from awareness of community of human interests;
  • only defending interests of all we can defend interests of each;
  • any good initiative cannot be implemented in a society in which there is discord and hate towards each other.


  • the way for a society development is possible only in fair competition according to set for the benefit of this society rules;
  • competitiveness in approaches, mechanisms, support of the best ideas and the most effective measures expand the potential, gives new resources for development;
  • competition but not survival war will guarantee successful results and self-development to all process participants along with benefits from its achievement;
  • absence of competition, by the way, leads to stagnation in a state, an economy monopolization, goods and services quality loss, and also to society degradation.


  • drive to prosperity is human appetency;
  • the measure of government effectiveness is the level of the people prosperity; if standards of life becomes worse, we have to change such government.

These principles called us for collaboration and became the basis of all our actions.

It may be affirmed that by implementing these imperatives in Ukraine we shall change our county and world around us!


The country needs a force which will form fair and responsible middle class and aspire to ensure the following: freedom, welfare and confidence in the future for each citizen!

We are for civil patriotism

We appreciate family values and are for educated country

We are for rich citizens

We are for the country of equal rights

We are for a working and responsible person

We are for the country of strong communities

We are for that land, mineral resources, and national wealth of Ukraine will belong to Ukrainians


Decentralization but keeping unitarity.

  • Changes in the state are impossible without expansion of authorities of local self-government.
  • Strong communities and regions.
  • Subsidiarity. The central government interfere in local community business only if the community cannot do it itself.
  • Budgeting from lower level to the highest and not on the contrary.
  • Liquidation of local state administrations.

Society of equal rights. Equal rights in all aspects.

  • Freedom of business activity.
  • Really functioning social lifts.
  • A career of a state official is available for each worthy person.
  • Equal opportunities for self-realization and freedom of artistic expression.

Middle class – the basis of the country.

  • Middle class is responsible for the country and society.
  • Prosperity of people must increase.
  • Reserved reward for ones labour. A working person cannot be poor.
  • Creation of a new working class. Powerful trade unions.
  • A  total capital of middle class should be greater than capital of oligarchs.

A child and family cult.

  • Cultivation of family values, support of young families.
  • A child is the centre of society attention. Respect to a child rights, demands, and wishes.
  • Respect to a mother and a father.
  • Special respect to a fragrant woman.
  • Respect to an older generation and to each elderly person.
  • Let’s overcome social orphanage.
  • Support of large families.

A state has to serve people.

  • High quality of state services.
  • Culture of servicing. A state official has to respect a person.
  • Principle of one window and silent consent.
  • There should be personal responsibility of a state officer for service of not sufficient quality.
  • Embassies  and consulates of Ukraine should be instruments of defence of Ukrainians abroad.
  • Effective and modern state management and electronic governing.

Civil patriotism An image of a Ukrainian citizen.

  • Respect to Ukrainian history, traditions, culture, ethics, and the law.
  • A citizen respects its own state and is proud of it.
  • A citizen respects and observes the law.
  • Respect of a person to another person.
  • A citizen keeps Ukrainian traditions.
  • A responsible citizen.

Qualitative education is the basis of a country future.

  • A governor of an educational institution has to be an effective manager.
  • A system of a teacher’s job quality evaluation.
  • Decent salary and high social status of a teacher.
  • Effective self-governing of education officers. Gradual separation of higher education from the state.
  • Education integration into international environment. A Ukrainian diploma should become legitimate in the world.
  • Ukrainian universities have to be in the world ratings.
  • A person with a higher education has to know more than one foreign language, one of which should be an official language of UN organization.
  • We need modern business education.

Science is the basis of innovative economy.

  • Science development is not only an essential condition of high living standards, public medical services, ecological security, state defences, but also enrichment of human culture.
  • Changing of formal system of scientific works defence to the system accenting on fresh ideas and usefulness.
  • Integration into international scientific society.
  • High frequency of Ukrainian scientists citations will be a criterion of success.
  • An effect of application in scientific activity.
  • Intensive way of science development.
  • Innovativeness is the guarantee of economic successfulness of a state.
  • Intellectual rights protection and implementation of inventions.
  • A scientist has a high social status in the society and is especially respected.

Direct democracy.

  • Effective mechanism of deputes recall and off-year elections.
  • Referendums, initiatives and consulting with communities.
  • The nation has the right for uprising as the last measure against tyranny and oppression from the state authorities.
  • Elections of local judges by a community.
  • Introduction of trial by jury.
  • Minimizing the state interference into spheres which can be regulated by people and society.

New quality of deputies

  • KPI (key performance indicators) for a deputy of each level.
  • Control over attendance and offered projects.
  • Professionalization of deputes activity.
  • Sufficient decreasing of local deputies.

Co-operation with EC, Russia, and other countries on Ukrainians terms and conditions.

  • Providing of the best world living standards.
  • Priority of national interests.
  • Free crossing of state boarders.

Election system.

  • Open voting lists.
  • All-Ukrainian president elections.
  • Fixed days of voting.
  • Unified election rules for elections on all levels.

A professional army with mobilization potential.

  • Obligatory military training instead of involuntary service.
  • Restoration of respect to motherland defenders, Ukrainian soldiers will feel dignity.
  • Army financing at the rate not less than 3% of GDP.
  • Ukraine should be a member of the system of collective security.

Freedom of speech and media. Pluralism.

  • Creation of civil television and the printed media.
  • Head (supervisory board) elections of civil media on all levels.
  • Pluralism.
  • Free access to the Internet as the basic civil right. Minimum influence of the state on Internet control.

Land, mineral and natural resources.

  • Free selling of non-agricultural land.
  • Regulated procedure of agricultural land circulation.
  • State control over designated use of lands.
  • Mineral and natural resources will be used rationally with respect to future generations of Ukrainians.
  • Absolutely transparent procedure of permitting documents receiving for subsoil use and control of such activity results.
  • Fee access of people to forests, rivers, lakes, and seas.


  • balanced policy of foreign loans. Our children have not to pay for our loans.
  • total deregulation
  • implementation of unified international standards for business operations (financial accounting, corporate management, book-keeping, and accountability)
  • small business will have an opportunity to became mid-sized and mid-sized to become big
  • private property is the basis of economic freedom and is effectively protected by the law


  • a citizen consciously pays taxes for receiving of qualitative services
  • a transparent, simple, and economically rewarding tax system
  • improvement of simplified taxation system and accounting
  • tax promotion of insurance companies which insure residential property

Pension system

  • A minimum pension should be enough for ensuring adequate living standards.
  • A pension is dependent on employment period and working environment and not only on the amount of the last salary.
  • Implementation of effective system of non-state pension coverage as an additional alternative to the state one.

Liquidation of corruption and bribery is the formula to receive financing of social initiatives

  • Separation of political and office positions in state service.
  • Absolute transparency of all level budgets incomes and expenses.
  • Transparency and anti-corruption mechanism of state procurement. Electronic form of state procurement.
  • General declaring of incomes and expenses by state officers and their family members.
  • Lustration.

Ecology and healthy lifestyle

  • Modern technologies of waste recycling.
  • Increase a proportion of green energy.
  • Construction of residential and commercial buildings in harmony with nature.
  • Promotion and motivation of healthy life style.

Ukraine – Olympic country.

  • Creation of effective professional sportsmen motivation system.
  • Creation and implementation of effective sportsmen training.
  • Development of sports infrastructure.
  • State support and appropriate financing of Youth Sports Schools and sports groups in secondary schools.
  • Developed Olympic movement is the basis of healthy and involved in sports activities nation.

We are conscious citizens, men and women of different age who united in the network of local cells in all regions of Ukraine in order to implement our vision of our country development.

We responsibly refer to problems of each person because a person is the main value for us.  We unite our experience and professionalism to solve problems and give answers to key questions arisen before the society.

We united on the basis of equality of rights, without leaders and oligarchs, we rank values and principles higher than personal ambitions.

We speak language understandable for people and promise only what we can do. We also realize that it is impossible to know everything so are ready to improve ourselves and accept new challenges jointly.

All decisions are taken openly and jointly after discussions. We avoided one-man decision taking thanks to existence of collegial governing bodies and rotation of staff in these bodies.

Each conscious citizen can realize himself in the Party as on local so on national level.

We are not satisfied with today state of politics in Ukraine which is not directed to solve problems and not connected with real life, but we are proud of people we live among. We are sure that a state has to work for people.

The middle class is a key factor for a state development. A total middle class capital amount should be greater than a capital of big business.

We appreciate territorial integrity of Ukraine. It is a European unitary self-governing state in which people are united in powerful local communities.

We consider that to guarantee security in the region it is necessary for Ukraine to adopt a new military doctrine and join international systems of collective security.  Initiating of new systems of collective security is important for Ukraine and neighbouring countries which understand threats of independence and identity loss.

The basis for creation of new regional systems of collective security should be presence of strategic weapon. Ukraine can consider renewal of nuclear power state status on conditions that this will be approved by a collective security system members.

We are for renewal of military service prestige. It is necessary to implement the practice of military training with enlistment in war reserve. Ukrainian army should be a professional one, have modern weapon, be able to repulse aggressors.

For security guaranteeing it is necessary to separate and clearly determine authority of law-enforcement bodies. To create municipal militia for enforcement of the law. To limit authority of public prosecutor’s department to supporting crime incrimination in the court. Security Service of Ukraine must care about national security and fight against terrorism. Implementing a law giving the right to keep and bear firearms for legally capable citizens.

Media cannot be used for manipulation of public opinion, especially if it threatens national security. Information policy of the state should be directed for defending of national interests and creation of positive image of Ukraine in the world.

To ensure energy security of Ukraine it is necessary to liquidate a monopoly and not to allow its creation in future in the market of energy resources. The priority is development of own resources production, energy saving technologies, and alternative sources of energy for industrial and residential usage.

In the sphere of economic progress Ukraine must minimize the state interference in business processes ensuring equal rights for business. A state can only create rules of business activity but must not govern business. It is necessary to provide comfortable conditions for investment and guarantee their security.

We consider that Ukrainian economy has to transform from raw materials to intellectual and science-intensive and produce products and services with a high added value. Services should become an important segment of the economy.

Corruption in all spheres of social life in Ukraine makes further development of the state impossible. Liquidation of corruption and inertia is the task of each conscious citizen. Income declaration should be supplemented by information about expenses. The proprietorship registry should be open. Simplifying the licensing system and deregulation is a key condition for corruption liquidation. Implementation of electronic governing system and optimization of the state bodies guarantee transparency in relationships between the state and a citizen.

To liquidate corruption it is important to develop sectoral professional associations and transfer a part of the state bodies functions to them for development of sector functioning rules.

For corruption overcoming and renewal of confidence in law enforcement bodies and prosecutor’s departments it is necessary to change staffs totally. A state should ensure possibility of receiving a position only on the basis of fair and transparent selecting from among other candidates. A salary and labour conditions have to be competitive and at the same time advance of wages has to be done with increasing of responsibility.

Only persons who are professionals can be judges. Judges election should be open and impartial as a result of electronic testing on the basis of rating. It is necessary to exclude a political and corruptive component from the judges election procedure.

A state has to ensure the following: a basic level of medical services for each Ukrainian; affordable medical service of high quality on the basis of family medicine; creation of transparent pharmaceutical market.

The state policy should be directed to promotion of healthy life-style. We consider that disease prevention lies in the sphere of medical service, but promotion of healthy life-style is responsibility of a society.

The state policy should promote development of self-awareness Ukrainians as citizens of united state with its own history and traditions.

An educational system should meet requirements of the market and guarantee professional development of a person. Education of high quality is the condition of forming a society of new chances and open opportunities for each person.

Successfulness of a country is based on young educated people with knowledge of foreign languages, work in state bodies and business, able to lead our country to a new life standard.