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Power of People is the party which develops and functions according to clear and understandable principles.


Power of People has not one or several “leaders” who control all processes in the party. The executive board is the Political Counsel consisting of delegates from regional cells. A position of the Power of People Head is not provided. The Political Counsel elects members of the Political Counsel Panel.
The characteristic of real political maturity of a political party is the ability to function stable without relying on a leader person.
The Executive Secretariat is a structure separated from political part of the party structure. Members of the Executive Secretariat are employed managers and have no the right to take part in political processes and making political decisions.

Structure development from lower to higher levels

The first level of the party structure is a primary cell. Primary cells are united in district and city cells. The next structure level is a regional cell which delegates representatives into Political Council of the party.
The cells are self-sufficient and independent at all activity levels of local organizations.

Efficient social lifts

The basic principle of the party development from lower level is the possibility for each party member to become a leader and rise by social lift at the top level of the structure. The system of governing bodies rotation of the party assumes impossibility of a person rooting on managing positions. Such approach creates a natural inner competition and give possibility to the party constantly train new leaders who will bring fresh ideas and decisions.

Financial independence

Only self-financing can ensure real independence of a party. The basis of Power of People party financing is membership fees which ensure organizational part of the party functioning. A separate source of financing is donating. Project financing, for example elections campaigns, is made my means of fund-rising.
There are provisions in the Statute of the Party as for donations limits in order to minimize financial influence on Power of People activity.


Transparency and openness

Power of People is developed absolutely transparently and open from the first day of its existence as a political group.
Each person had an opportunity to be involved in the process of rules and documents development. It is important that any from the old political elite was not admitted to the process of the Party creation and development. Such purging limitations was accepted in order to create really a fundamentally new political power.
The Power of People registration was made not through already traditional for Ukrainian parties “procedure” of renaming and making changes to an already existing party statute but fair and transparently! During 3 months Power of People activists all over Ukraine were collecting signatures of real Ukrainians who supported establishing of such party.

Clear control mechanisms

In order to provide control over all rules and principles observation, abiding of party discipline and ethics an institution of controlling and auditing commissions was created, it functions as on central, so on local levels.
Controlling and auditing commissions are statute bodies of the Party which control and audit statutory, finance, inner economic activities of the Party and its cells.

New quality of politics

New quality of politics can be ensured only by new quality of politicians. Education and training of a new political elite is one of the priority tasks of Power of People.
To train a qualitative alternative instead of old politicians there is a training centre in the structure of the political Party. On-line and off-line training projects for preparing of deputies of all levels as well as improving the level of society political education are functioning in the structure of the Party.