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Principles of financing

The system of the political party financing is working as follows:

Membership dues
Each party member pays entrance fee at the rate of 3% of his average monthly income, but not less than 3% of living wage (35 hryvnas).
Each party member pays monthly fee at the rate of 1% of his average monthly income, but not less than 1% of living wage (12 hryvnas).
Power of People supports decentralization in the state. So the party is developed by such principle also. 70% of members’ dues are left in budgets of local cells, 15% is send to budgets of oblast cells, the rest 15% arrives to the budget of the all-Ukrainian level.
Entrance fees are paid directly to the budget of the highest all-Ukrainian level and are used for members registration in the database and making a membership card.

Charitable contribution
Any person who supports Power of People principles and ideas may donate to the party fund. Funds received as donations are used by the National Executive Secretariat for the party and its structure development.

Project fund-raising
The political party Power of People projects financing is fulfilled on account of personal donations for a certain project.
For a project realization, including elections projects, the party members create a separate fund for monetary funds accumulation.