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Party Structure


Power of People is a party established from the bottom upwards.

Responsible and active people unite in primary cells in villages and towns and build the structure of the party from the bottom upwards in an open and transparent way.

Primary cells

Like-minded people unite in primary party cells. There should be at least three people to create such a cell.

Local party units

Three party cells form a local party unit.

Regional units

Three local party units form a regional unit of their representatives assuming that there are at least 9 cells and 30 members of cells in a region.

Each 15 cells from a region delegate one representative to the Political Council of the Party.

The Political Council of the Party

The Political Council of the Party consists of qualified representatives from regional party units. The Political Council of the Party is led by an elected Chairman. The Political Council is renewed once a year.

The Presidium of the Political Council of the Party

Party cells are integrated into local party units, local units – into regional units, which delegate their representatives to the Political Council. The Political Council of the Party is not a closed elitist club and it is formed by the most active party members, who developed the structure at the local level. The election of new members from a regional unit to the Political Council takes place once a year as a minimum.