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2016/01/20 14:43

According to the opinion poll findings conducted by the Rating group as of from November 19 to November 30 at the request of the International Republican Institute (IRI), only 15% of respondents consider that the country is headed in the right direction! Friends, there are 70%! It is a good reason for everyone who feels responsible for the fate and development of Ukraine to be deep and sad in thoughts.

Як змінилося за останні 12 місяців економічне становище

The level of trust in the government is extremely low: 25% of people support the activity of the President, 12% – the Prime Minister, 11% – the Verkhovna Rada. At the same time, 81% of respondents confidently noted the significant worsening of living conditions in 2015. It turns out that all fake excuses concerning the war, Putin and other third forces that prevent us from being happy pale into insignificance, if people have no trust in today’s leaders of the country.


The situation concerning the participation of the Ukrainians in local elections of 2015 is equally sad.

Most of those who didn’t come to the polling stations didn’t vote in the last local elections because of the reluctance to vote (31%)! Another 27% – because of being elsewhere in this day or due to a lack of time. However, 17% of respondents demonstrated their protest in that way, 13% – didn’t made their choice. The fact that over half of 55% of Ukrainian citizens who didn’t vote on October 25 (as a reminder, the average turnout was 45% in the country) ignored the vote intentionally is the best evidence of the level of disappointment and apathy of the population. Unfortunately, most of today’s power politicians are striving just for creating temporary empathic attitudes to their own advantage in the society rather than informing people about the importance of participation in the elections as the main instrument of democracy.

As for the rest of society that took a more active life and civic position due to the events of the last two years (Maydan, the war, etc.) and, of course, voted in the local elections, paradoxically, they are quite positive about the elections and their results. While having certain regional differences (the more skeptical East and South, the more optimistic West and Centre), those who voted believe in the ability of the newly elected deputies to change the life of their communities for the better.


As a result, we can say the following: the Ukrainians still believe in the changes for the better and are ready to work for that, but the credit of trust of this government formation has expired. As almost a half of respondents (41%) thinks, the early parliamentary elections are not such a bad option to reboot the country.