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Statement of Political Council of POWER OF PEOPLE political party on attempted murder of our party member, public figure, journalist, Olevsk city council deputy Oleksandr Nikolaychuk

2015/07/28 07:54

On July 10 of this year, three bandits committed a bold attack on the local Power of People political party activist Oleksandr Nikolaychuk, who have been fighting against illegal amber extraction for many months, in the center of the Olevsk city, Zhytomyr region. Oleksandr had a miraculous escape after they hit him on the head with a steel reinforcement rod, got down and tried to kill near his home, when he was returning from the meeting with the head of the Zhytomyr regional state administration devoted to the fight against the “amber” mafia.

The event that took place almost the same day as the shooting in Mukachevo is eloquent testimony of the complete failure of the government, including law enforcement bodies, to combat the illegal use of subsurface resources, smuggling, banditism and other crimes, which destroy Ukraine on the inside, not on the television and Facebook space but in reality.

This means that achievements of the Revolution of Dignity were desecrated once again. Are these events the goal that the Ukrainians wanted to achieve having gathered together at the squares all through the country? Definitely, not!

We require the President of Ukraine, the Head of the Verkhovna Rada, the Procurator General, the Chief of the State Security Service and the Minister for Internal Affairs to take immediate remedial actions:

  • to create the joint investigation and operational group of the General Prosecutor of Ukraine, the Security Service of Ukraine and the Ministry of Internal Affairs to urgently investigate the situation with the attack on Oleksandr Nikolaychuk and initiate criminal proceedings against clients, heads and actual perpetrators of this crime;
  • to take urgent measures to stop illegal amber extraction in Zhytomyr and Rivne regions and initiate criminal proceedings against persons involved in the organization of this illegal business, its protection and management;
  • to create the Provisional Investigatory Commission of the Verhovna Rada to monitor the work of the investigation group and the investigation process of the illegal amber extraction in Ukraine.