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2015/08/20 15:19


The focus of our attention is Person.

A free, educated and responsible person is in the centre of the Power of People political party’s ideology. Just a person, who is comfortably off and has an opportunity to fully provide for himself and his family, can be considered as a free and responsible person. Such a person makes a conscious choice while being socially active regardless of whether he is engaged in business activities, social work, is a worker of cultural, educational, scientific, public health service sectors, other professional or skilled worker.

The Power of People political party is striving for Ukraine having a bigger number of free, educated and professional people and their increasing prosperity.

Our goal is a strong Middle class!

Free and responsible people form a Middle class. Further, a Middle class is a keystone of any successful modern state. It is a generator of new ideas, a force for economic growth and an initiator of social transformations.

The Power of People political party was founded by the representatives of a Middle class and aims at the development and strengthening of this social group in Ukraine.

We are united around common Values.

There are Freedom, Responsibility, Equality and Justice among the main values of the Power of People political party.

Freedom of convictions and personal fulfilment is a keystone of any democratic society. The underside of Freedom is Responsibility – only the responsibility of each person is a guarantee of Freedom of other people and a basis of Social accord.

The Power of People political party stands up for equal opportunities for all people. Law applies to everyone regardless of the financial and social status. Equality is based on the Inviolability of rights and the Rule of law, which form the basis of Justice.

Our vision of the future of Ukraine is Sustainable Development.

Only focusing on the Development and providing the Competition guarantee the success of Ukraine as a state. Ensuring the Development should be considered not only as one of the tasks of the state, but also as a principle of its activity and a value. Just ensuring the constant Development in cultural, social, economic and technological sectors is a guarantee of Social welfare.

The Power of People political party views the development of a Sustainable system of principles and mechanisms providing opportunities for self-fulfillment and growth in prosperity of all people, who consider Ukraine their Motherland, as an opportunity to ensure the Development of Ukraine.

We seek Effective state.

The effectiveness of the state is based on the optimal sharing of powers and resources between national and local levels – public services should be close to consumers to the greatest possible extent. The state shouldn’t interfere in the regulation of issues that can be solved through self-regulation or individual interactions of relevant contracting parties. The effectiveness of the state is provided by Independent court.

The Power of People political party focuses on strong communities and associations of people, who together solve existing problems of territories and unions and act for the sake of the joint development as well as monitor the efficiency of government.