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2015/12/21 17:58

DSC_3660On December 20, the POWER OF PEOPLE political party held the Second All-Ukrainian Congress, which became a kind of a summary for the victorious campaign in local elections of 2015, in Kyiv. The campaign that provided the POWER OF PEOPLE party with 222 deputy’s seats, 5 mayoral positions and national recognition of a new promising liberal political force.

The Congress gathered almost 300 participants at the conference hall of the Khreshchatyk Hotel in the heart of the capital – there were 160 delegates and 128 guests, it is almost twice as many as on the previous Congress in June! Coffee-table conversations, friendly greetings on getting into the city councils, stories about the officials of the old school who react against changes – there were lots of activities and stories from cities and small towns from all over Ukraine.

The Congress was opened traditionally with singing of the anthem of Ukraine a cappella. This time the special guests involved in the most relevant today’s topic – the fight against corruption – came to visit the POWER OF PEOPLE party. The people’s deputy from the Eurooptimists group, one of the organizers of the Anti-Corruption Forum Serhiy Leschenko sincerely greeted with the success in local elections. One of the authors of the liberal Tax Code, which is known as the “draft law 3357”, Pavlo Sebastyanovych spoke about the business problems and the need to promote the adoption of this Code.

The Congress lasted until 19:30, and they discussed a large number of issues, but even more issues were left undiscussed. It covered the amendments to the Statute, the provisions “On the membership” and the participation of the party in the upcoming parliamentary elections.

It is a high time for a slogan that often sounded on the sidelines of the Congress: “It is just the beginning for POWER OF PEOPLE!”