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2015/12/05 14:29

11030833_953189584743993_7136766201690385775_oThe scandal that can get on the front pages of newspapers the next week is unfolding in a small city in the Odessa region – Tatarbunary. The newly elected city mayor Andriy Hluschenko refuses to approve the results of the city council secretary election by deputies and appoint the POWER OF PEOPLE party member Diana Serhiyenko to this position.

The Bessarabia Tatarbunary city is, probably, one of the smallest cities, where the POWER OF PEOPLE party got a good result in the local elections of 2015, there are a little more than 10,000 inhabitants. However, the result in Tatarbunary is nothing like as small – the POWER OF PEOPLE team got 7% of votes after a month of their election campaign and two seats in the city council correspondingly. These deputies are local young activists Diana Serhiyenko and Yevhen Sosna.

However, it turned out that not everybody liked the POWER OF PEOPLE success in the city. The main stumbling point was the confrontation with the newly elected mayor Andriy Hluschenko, who was the assistant of the ex-mayor well known as a person taken out of the office for a bribe by SBU.

Сергієнко Діана

Diana Sergienko

On November 19, 2015, the first session of the 7th Tatarbunary city council was held. At this session, one of the items on agenda was the election of the city council secretary. Exercising his right, the city mayor nominated a candidate to elect as a city council secretary, but the deputies didn’t support him. According to the Article 50, chapter 1, point 2 of the Law of Ukraine “On Local Government”, the deputies nominated the POWER OF PEOPLE party deputy Diana I. and the Agrarian party deputy Vitaliy Bordenyuk. There was a secret voting, the results of which showed that Diana Serhiyenko got 15 of the 27 votes – in other words, she became a city council secretary. Having heard about the results, the newly elected mayor A.Hluschenko (the 6th city council secretary, worked together with the previous Tatarbunary mayor, who was arrested for a bribe in his office in June) said that he wouldn’t sign this decision. When being asked about the grounds he refused to sign this decision, the mayor said that he would find the reason to veto the decision for 5 days.

Then the real show began. On November 23, Hluschenko issued an order suspending the decision of the city council, while having explained his veto with the fact that according to the Tatarbunary city council regulations, “the decision was considered to be unadopted, because the approval of voting results was not put to an open vote after counting the votes and making a report by the counting commission’s head.” Thereby Hluschenko manipulates the regulations mentioned above, since according to the Art.3.3.12 of the Tatarbunary city council’s regulations, the council just approves the report of the counting commission’s head by means of open voting. For your information, Mr.Hluschenko appeals to the violation of the regulations that he did himself. As Hluschenko was presiding the session, he had to raise the question of approval of the secret vote results by means of open voting. There is a suspicion that the newly elected mayor didn’t raise this question with a goal in mind not to sign the decision in the future.

However, Diana Serhiyenko is not going to give up. By the way, the composition of the Tatarbunary city council has been updated for 80% and most new deputies are young, well-educated and honest people. They actively express their readiness to work for their hometown and receive own instrument of control for the activities of the city mayor. That’s why the claim against the illegal actions of Andriy Hluschenko to the Tatarbunary district court was a logical step.

The court session will be held on Monday and we are sure that the actions of A.Hluschenko will get a fair assessment, and POWER OF PEOPLE will actively monitor the course of events in Tatarbunary to protect democracy that will never again be a bargaining chip of political games in this country.