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2015/12/01 11:30

vishnyakovOne of the POWER OF PEOPLE team member in Mariupol Kyrylo Vyshnyakov shared his impressions of the elections and thanked for the support of voters and party members.

I would like to thank all after the declaration of official results. But!!! I just can’t help myself.

You all are incredible. We achieved this success thanks to you, your faith in victory, your phone, thanks to the friends and family members. Of course, this is our victory. The party that was known for nobody in the city two months ago got almost 10%. Moreover, it shoots past any of the parties of the so called Mariupol democratic forces. In addition, Maksym Borodin is fighting for the second place among candidates for city mayor.

This is despite the multi-million costs of his nearest competitor.

All these things show that the main factor is PEOPLE, but not the money.

I won’t write about the elderly ladies who gave the victory to the Opposition Bloc. The political consciousness of our youth is extremely low. At the same time, the elderly women crawled with sticks, on crutches, with someone’s help, but they went confidently to take our city and, as a result, gave it to the hands of plants.

However, no matter the odds: “What is this POWER OF PEOPLE that will drink the Akhmetov’s blood in Mariupol? According to preliminary figures, the Opposition Bloc and Rinat Akhmetov may celebrate in Mariupol, but there is a new political force that will drink a lot of blood of the winners on the scene.”…


Just read the article. Our main battle is yet to come. We know that there are the mentioned 10% of people, who will come to help us at any time, behind our back.  The Vadym Boychenko’s electorate won’t give him anything. They are old and won’t visit the sessions, while I’m sure that you will mobilize yourself when it is needed and at the first call for help, if they try to take illegal decisions. Am I right?

We will be poured with tons of dirt. Sadly, but it will be from our yesterday’s allies. Their parties are struggling at the pass barrier and now they being convulsed keep an eye on counting each vote. Moreover, if the PPB didn’t stuff the ballot-box in the 53 district and get less than 20%, we could forget about them at all. They have 2-6% in the city, but in the east district !!!!! 20% !!!!! Do you believe in that? I don’t.

People received everything back. Do you remember the fraud way they came to the President’s bloc with? Face it! I don’t feel sorry at all)

We were called the project of Taruta, then Akhmetov, then Ternavsky, but we are your project. We are the project of the society, to the level of which Ukraine has matured, but we are just at the low level.

We are the lateral party of the middle class.

We have two years to make you believe in our team even more and achieve Borodin to become a mayor not only of pensioners but also of the whole city in 2018.

Volunteers and activists, teachers and doctors, businessmen and the military say great big thank you for your trust and faith in our team.

We are waiting for everyone, who cares about the future of his native city, with open doors.

Having Mariupol in our hearts, Kyrylo Vyshnyakov and your POWER OF PEOPLE!