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Mariupol elections and origin of Power of People’s success

2015/11/24 10:04

новіковThe head of the POWER OF PEOPLE election headquarter in local elections of 2015 talked with radio hosts Andriy Kulykov and Nataliya Sokolenko in the Hromadske Radio studio. Valeriy talked about the elections in Mariupol, moods in his native town of Alchevsk and explained how the POWER OF PEOPE party got more than 200 deputy’s seats in the councils of all levels.

Nataliya Sokolenko: Why did you live Alchevsk? How did you settled in the new place? In addition, we are interested to know more about your work in the POWER OF PEOPLE party. What results does POWER OF PEOPLE have in eastern Ukraine?

Valeriy Novikov: Since I voted against the LNR constitution during the city council session in May, you see the reasons I was forced to leave my hometown. I continued conducting the human right work in Kyiv. There was a task there – problems related to housing and public utilities, environment, water supply, but in Kyiv I began to deal with problems of displaced persons. Now we also interview people, who were captured by rebels, summarize this information into a single database and prepare for international courts.

Andriy Kulykov: How do you think, when will it be possible to hold the elections under the Ukrainian law in eastern Ukraine?

Valeriy Novikov: It won’t be possible in the next 2-3 years, and it is very difficult to predict something at any time thereafter.

Nataliya Sokolenko: Let’s talk about your management of the POWER OF PEOPLE election headquarter. What kind of a personal experience was it for you?

Valeriy Novikov: This party just began to develop in Donbass, and we got the result in the cities, where we have representative offices. The elections were not held in two cities – Krasnoarmiysk and Mariupol, where we also have POWER OF PEOPLE party units, and they will participate in the re-elections in the near future.

Local party units undermined the elections in these cities, but people don’t have to suffer because of that.

Andriy Kulykov: Who undermined the elections in Mariupol?

Valeriy Novikov: The first reason is the conspiracy between the CEC and local party units. Probably, the central parties, including the democratic forces, participated in that as well.

Andriy Kulykov: What helped the POWER OF PEOPLE party to get their men in local councils?

Valeriy Novikov: A huge plus for the party is the fact that people who were previously engaged into social activities joined it. They were already recognizable in their raions and cities. The party has organized the trainings for these deputies on how to conduct an election campaign and how to go to the people throughout the year.

Andriy Kulykov: Are the ways on how to communicate with people your party secrets or you can share it with us?

Valeriy Novikov: We should go to people without secrets, talk about ourselves, show everything that people require to know, not hide, make our funding public. We should use legal means.

Nataliya Sokolenko: Valeriy Novikov is the head of the POWER OF PEOPLE party all-Ukrainian election headquarter. Does your election headquarter still work?   

Valeriy Novikov: We continue our work until the elections are over, but it won’t stop even after the elections in Mariupol, because we know that there will be the elections in Starobilsk and Novoaydarsk raion. There is our party unit in formation that will probably run in these elections in Starobilsk.

Nataliya Sokolenko: What do you know about the life in Alchevsk? Is the mood changed in the city?

Valeriy Novikov: The moods has been changed long ago, but, unfortunately, those people, who had some doubts, mentally sidestep Ukraine, and the Ukrainian government is guilty in that. It is because today the government doesn’t show that it needs these people. But I would like to appeal to people, who live in the occupied territory now. You should understand that if the current government doesn’t need you, then we, the Ukrainians, need you, and we will bring you back for sure. Unfortunately, many people can’t leave that territory. It is a great delusion to say that everyone who stayed there is people who support the Russian Federation. There are many pro-Ukrainian people, who have their own problems: sick relatives, financial problems. Many people came back from Ukraine, because they couldn’t find themselves here and didn’t see any protection from the state.

We, displaced persons, don’t ask for much. We ask for: “Give us a chance, minimum standards allowing us to stay in Ukraine!” We should treat the displaced persons as a chance.

The original publication is at the Hromadske Radio website.