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2015/09/24 08:54

adamovskijThe pre-holiday and pre-election city is decorated with political posters designed in the national coloristic style with the brief content: “Boryspil Power of People”. This poses the question: what is its power, brother?         

The city council deputy, volunteer and activist Yuriy Adamovsky agreed to explain what the concept of power consists of, where and by whom it is directed and what people are in question. He is the member of the Political Council of the young party that was formed from the same-name non-governmental association last year.

It is logical that Yuriy Adamovsky is the member of the Power of People political party, because he considers himself without false modesty a strong personality. This is not for nothing. There are more than enough proves for that. He and his friends were the first people from Boryspil who mounted their own tent on Khreschatyk, when the Maydan has just started. He says that then and now he is striving for changing the system in the country. He was one of the first volunteers who actively and regularly supported our fellow citizens in the ATO zone – he personally delivered the food at first and then equipment and machines to the East. He explains his patriotic enthusiasm that is still kept alive with the desire of victory and peace. He took the lead in creating the territorial defense unit of the Boryspil region, where the training base for those wishing to learn the military training basics was organized.

Yuriy has the advantage of deliberateness, young age and fresh democratic views on city management approaches, distribution and use of budget funds among the deputies. He thinks that the methods of local politicians, who came from the Soviet system, are unprogressive, it is time to change the old conservatives for young democrats, who are educated policy makers. He is confident that the future lies with the Power of People and that’s why he runs in the elections.

We discussed with the indigenous Boryspil citizen his political associates and competitors as well as the division of forces in the pre-election Boryspil city; the essence of his own political ambitions and the scope of public work within the Power of People party.

The dialog with our conversation partner started with the excursus to the origin of the political force:

– At the beginning of 2013, the Front for Change party led by Arseniy Yatsenyuk ceased to exist. We learned from local TV that we joined the Fatherland party that none of us supported. At that time the initiative group of young thinking people consisting of 25 persons from all over Ukraine decided to create a non-governmental organization. Thus, the NGO “Power of People” was formed in the middle of 2013. The association of strong and future-oriented people has grown into a liberal-democratic party after a year. I am one of the seven members of the national Political Council of the party. This is the only real Ukrainian party, because it was created in compliance with all procedures under the law. Signatures was really collected in all regions of the country, I personally collected them in Boryspil. Our members are real people, but not just the names from a reference book for quantity as it was in technical parties. Power of People is not a typical pre-election project as the most of parties now, which will break up after the declaration of election results. We are for a long time. There are lists of party members in Boryspil. We have more than 60 people in the city.

–  What attracts you in the Power of People party?

– There is no single general commanding the political parade. This fact allows us to act conjointly and doesn’t allow one person at the top to reshuffle. Where is the guarantee that Oleh Lyashko won’t join the Samopomich party or, like, for example, Klytschko joined the Petro Poroshenko Bloc? Power of People is safe from it. We have selection criteria for those who wish to join us. For example, the candidate shouldn’t be a deputy of the Verkhovna Rada, a prosecutor, a person with a criminal record. We see the former members of the Party of Regions in a positive light, if they are honest and decent people. We don’t put the labels. We have the party created by people without a “financial bag”. This is a kind of the political voluntary movement based on healthy selfish principles: we are striving for changing the country to improve our own life and the lives of our children and all Ukrainians as well as not to receive peanuts when reaching retirement as my parents do today.

– Who are your supporters?    

– It is a well-known Boryspil volunteer Andriy Zheba. The city council deputies Roman Shumenko and Oleksandr Dudchenko also joined us. Olena Hnatenko is not a public person, but she is involved in developing the Power of People party in the city. The head of the Boryspil territorial defense unit and entrepreneur Petro Leusenko supports us as well as many other people. They all are people who work but not promote themselves. We don’t have timeservers who indulge in breast-beating saying that they are the best ones.

– Do you have the party program? In what way and with what thing will you persuade your voter to vote for the Power of People party? Who provides funding for the party?

– It is a provocative question. First of all, it is dangerous to make the program public at the beginning of the pre-election campaign, because someone may steal it. Do you remember when Borysenko ran in the parliamentary elections, we hastily published the newly written program in the Internet and it was completely copied, even with mistakes, by other candidate? Now we won’t make the program public to the utmost to prevent it from being “given” to other party. The campaign promises to be dirty. We support the competition, but understand that it is impossible to evoke a response from everyone. We want to be honest from start to finish, we won’t post telegraph poles, we have no administrative resources. Money? We also won’t borrow or raise funding from outside, we will use the money that party members invested by their own choice. As volunteers, we have never collected boxes and hryvnas from people, we have always relied on our own funds and the help of our friends.

– Did the parliamentary work bring a pleasure to you and benefits to voters? What is your evaluation of your colleagues’ work?

– It was the first cadence. If I were not a deputy and got to a session by accident, I would think that everyone there was crazy. Why are there so many conversations off the subject? PR! There is such an idea in the session hall that if you drag somebody’s name through the mire, you are the best one. There was the revolution in the country and it is still in progress, but not many things have changed in the minds of the most people. What do I think about my deputy work? Let people evaluate this, because Boryspil citizens know me very well.

– Tell us about the activity of the territorial defense unit, the member of which you are. Is this organization still actual?

– Now one of the volunteer battalions is trained in the district area: shooting, weapon adjustment, medicine. Law allows such activities. The territorial defense unit that we formed consists of about 80 people. It is a public organization, which is officially registered. More than a thousand people passed our drilling for a year and a half. We make trips to the East, help with weapon and equipment repair there. It is important to wear, shoe and provide soldiers with food, but volunteers bring first aid kits, which are, for example, from Israel, but our soldiers don’t know how to use them. Although I’m just an ordinary member of the territorial defense unit, the volunteer-military work takes a lot of time. However, it will continue, because the conflict on the East will continue for a long time. We can’t give up, we need to head toward victory and build our independence, while patriots should take control at all levels.

– What are you doing now? What do you do for a living? Where do your children study? How do you spend your rest time?

– I was born and raised in Boryspil, graduated from the high school #1. My children were born here. I have three children. The eldest son is 11 years old, the second son is 3 years old and my daughter is 7 years old. My eldest children study in a city school. I graduated from the National Academy of Internal Affairs in 2005, now I’m engaged in business activities related to real estate – it is a lease and sublease. Where do I spend my rest time? I didn’t have vacations due to the pressure of work for the last two years.

– What will you wish to your voters?

– I wish them to think and analyze. It is a primitive and mean trick to sell your own activity as an agitator or use your vote for handouts before the elections. We should elect the authorities wisely and consciously this time – there is the Power of People in Boryspil. Together we are power.

The source is the newspaper “Visti”  –