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2015/12/22 16:13

016One of the key principles of the Power of People electoral campaign was the issue of returning city markets into communal ownership to the end that the earned income comes to community’s budget but not to the pockets of “moneymakers”.

In the mid-2000s, the city council leased out almost a hectare of land in the center of Boryspil at Verkhniy Val Street, where there is the city market, to the LLC “LIM and Company” (the Decision of 25/06/2008). It is interesting that LIM means the first letters of the name of the current Boryspil city council secretary and the Petro Poroshenko Bloc deputy Ihor Markovych Levitas, who is actually the owner of the market. Dozens of entrepreneurs who are angry at the activities of “enforcers” on the Boryspil central market write to the POWER OF PEOPLE community liaison office. One of the tradesmen agreed to tell us about the outrage on law performed by the company “LIM and Company” that should attract the attention of law enforcement authorities on condition of anonymity.

– Tell us why you’ve decided to talk about the labour conditions in the Central market?

– The patience of most entrepreneurs, who are market dealers, is wearing thin. The Revolution of Dignity is over, there is the war on the east, but the moneymakers continue to capitalize on people in peaceful Boryspil. Every day we communicate with hundreds of Boryspil citizens on the market and hear the words of disappointment, people don’t understand why other people die when everything is about the same as usual. Moreover, now the situation is getting worse in the city. It includes the labour conditions on the market as well.

– What do you mean?  

– Not all of Boryspil citizens may know that, but the Central market is in private hands of the company “LIM and company”. From the very beginning, they built new pavilions instead of old premises, but at the same time, every entrepreneur paid out of his pocket for the construction of its pavilion with a total area of 9 square meters. After that, all pavilions were included to the asset list of the company “LIM and company” and when some entrepreneur ceases to deal in the market, of course, the market owners don’t give his money back. However, that was just the beginning. The rental charges for pavilions have been raised several times and now it is 1750 hryvnas per month. We don’t have any receipts for paying these sums, so we have no idea of where these funds come in. In addition, each market dealer pays 120 hryvnas per month for the so-called access to the market territory with his own products. However, in this case the administration gives us a receipt for tax purposes. Add the informal fees for the place in the central market line, which is 100 dollars for a sales point, to this amount. We also have to pay for additional advertising, shop dummies and stalls located near the leased pavilion. All these funds goes to the pockets of the owners of the company “LIM and company”. Actually, we are their hostages, because they won’t extend leasing contracts with us if we don’t agree to their rules. What a shame that the company, which is actually headed by the Kyiv citizen, is capitalizing on the land that belongs to the Boryspil community. We have to add all financial levies that fall on our shoulders to the price of goods, because otherwise we simply won’t survive. There is no need to be a great economist to understand that if the market was returned to the community ownership and the entrepreneurs worked on transparent rules, the product prices would be reduced.

– So, you can apply to the local authorities, hold a meeting and declare your position. To my mind, the days when people were afraid are gone.

– There are more than 500 entrepreneurs working on the market and everyone has the family and children. The retail trading is our only income. Whom to ask for help? We were forced to close all pavilions before the elections and come to a meeting with the candidate for mayor of that time Anatoliy Fedorchuk. He currently heads the city council and his secretary is Ihor Levitas – an actual owner of the market. Instead, for example, the market was not closed for a cleaning day. In summer, when meat stalls are washed, the water is drained near our pavilions, because there are simply no drainage reservoirs. There is a rank smell – it is even hard to breath. This is the conditions we are working in.

POWER OF PEOPLE had to respond on the requests of the Central market entrepreneurs. The city council deputy from our party Yuriy Adamovsky sent a deputy’s appeal in order to find out how much the LLC “LIM and Company” pays for renting almost a hectare of land in the center city to the Boryspil budget. However, neither the deputy mayor Mykola Korniychuk nor the city council secretary Ihor Levitas didn’t provide him with this information. The last-named advised to address this question to his private office. However, the issue of returning the markets into the communal ownership is a priority for the POWER OF PEOPLE party, because it is one of the points of our election program.

“The actions that we take are only the beginning,” the city council deputy from the Power of People party Yuriy Adamovsky said.     Адамовський Юрій

– I made a deputy’s inquiry regarding the situation with the market to the city council head Anatoliy Fedorchuk at the session that was held on Thursday, and according to the procedure, Ihor Levitas had no right not to read out it for the deputies. It outlines all the problems faced by our entrepreneurs involved in sales on the market. Why are the rental payments for pavilions made by only in cash, without providing any receipts for tax purposes? Why are rental fees raised on a unilateral basis? Why did the city council reduce the rates in the rental contract for the land parcel at Verkhniy Val Street signed by the city council and the LLC “LIM and Company” with the decision of 03/03/2015 #5061-61-6? In view of the above, we can conclude that the local budget loses a significant amount of taxes on rental payments for the stalls on the Central market, which is located on the land leased by the LLC “LIM and Company”. So there are the grounds to think that the above mentioned actions are an attempt to avoid paying taxes and fees while being the elements of the crime provided for in part 1, article 212 of the Criminal Code of Ukraine and part 1, article 206 of the Criminal Code of Ukraine. Therefore, I appealed to the Boryspil city council for immediate applying to the prosecutor’s office of the Kyiv region and the Central Administration of the State Fiscal Service in the Kyiv region with a request for carrying out the inspection of the arguments in the request.

– And what response to such appeal did the city council deputies make?        

– Six deputies supported my appeal during the voting. Three of them were from the Power of People party, two Svoboda party members and one Radical party member. I thank them for their brace action, because they actually declared their readiness to fight for the community property and confront the huge pressure of the current majority in the city council. I’m sure that sooner or later many colleagues in the deputy corps will gain the courage to assert their position in the interests of the community. Now we are preparing an appeal from our political force to the law-enforcement bodies to give a proper assessment of the situation on the Central market in Boryspil.