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POWER OR PEOPLE: Briefing announcement

2015/12/05 14:35

On December 8, 2015 POWER OF PEOPLE will hold a summary briefing, devoted to the results of local elections-2015 and vision of party’s further development. Start time is 10:30 am, location: Media Hub, Suvorova 4/6.

POWER OF PEOPLE is the one and the only real liberal party in Ukraine, with ideology based on European shared values of human rights protection, minimum state interference into economic regulations and rule of law. Moreover, we focus at political education for young leaders in all regions of Ukraine, promotion of self-governance and implementation of anti-corruption best practices in legislative bodies of all levels.

Recent results of local elections when POWER OF PEOPLE won more than 200 seats in 62 local parliaments of 20 regions and 5 mayoral positions, including 10% of votes in Mariupol city council and 26 seats in Kriviy Rih city and district councils proved, that POWER OF PEOPLE  is the force that is rising rapidly in Ukrainian politics. Now, our political party is represented by hundreds of city councilors in almost all the regions of Ukraine and what is even more important, it became obvious – there is a demand for such a party and our recent accomplishments at local level is only the beginning of our successful way to power.

During this event, we would be happy to share our vision on democracy development in Ukraine, enhance our work and possible cooperation with international partners.

Registration to the event is here:

Contact person: Yevgen Dukhovych, 0676564008,