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In the centre of Power of People ideology is a PERSON. A person who is educated, intelligent, free and responsible, who is living well, is the highest value for the political party Power of People and its main aim of Ukraine:
• a developed state with civil society and high cultural and spiritual level;
• a powerful state with strong economy in which innovations are implemented;
• a just state in which the government serves people but not people serve the government;
• a self-governed state in which people are united in powerful local communities and decide themselves how they want to live.
United and self-reliant people who are confident in their future are the basis of a state!
Power of People began its way as a political group. For a long time the group united concious citizens all over Ukraine who had precise understanding of the fact that they don’t want to live any more in an unfair, corrupted state and are ready to make their state better.

Power of People united people around common values and principles which are important for each member of the political party:

• Human dignity is the absolute value and a determining factor in attitude to any person;
• Dignity should be cherished and never limited under any circumstances including cases when somebody has made a mistake or committed a crime.
• Freedom binds to bear responsibility for your own words and actions;
• freedom without responsibility is a step to anarchy and chaos.
• concious responsibility is the sign of a man and society maturity. Each person has to bear responsibility for its own words and actions;
• responsibility means observing terms of agreements. Agreements between community and government, between a man and a state, between business partners, which were concluded for the benefit of the parties; such agreements are a part of the legislation as any other law, their breaking by anybody should lead to be made accountable;
• the biggest problems of mankind, the most cruel wars began because of breaking of earlier established orders and concluded agreements. Their observing and improving is the only way to peace.
• justice is one of the most important conditions of peaceful coexistence of people;
• justice means equal opportunities for all and to be equal under the law for everybody, it also guarantees benefits and stimulation for those who are active and hard-working in creating public goods;
• ensuring a sufficient level of justice is a basic function of the state without which it transforms into a repressive structure;
• fair judicial power is the main condition for ability to defend your own interests, rights, and freedoms; that’s why it is the basic factor insuring inner security and public tranquillity in the state so should be especially controlled by the society.
• the government should be open and controlled by the society;
• freedom of speech and belief are basic and inalienable rights of each person.
• Awareness and analyses of problems and challenges which are before the nation and the state is not enough to change Ukraine, it is necessary to act.
• if some processes in the state life are made improperly we don’t criticize but create projects of measures which will eliminate disadvantages;
• we build the state with respect to the law, change the legislation, and create conditions according to legislation rules;
• We rely only on our own, on self-organization and self-government, which are measures of success, at the same time understanding that we are interested ourselves to put things to rights and ensure our own communities, regions, and country development.
• countries are prosperous only when there is solidarity and so goodwill, unity, and mutual help in their societies;
• solidarity emerges from awareness of human interests by a community;
• only defending interests of everyone we can defend interests of each;
• any good initiative cannot be implemented in a society in which there is discord and hate towards each other.
Competitive power
• the way for society development is possible only in fair competition according to the rules set for the benefit of this society;
• competitiveness in approaches, mechanisms, support of the best ideas and the most effective measures expand the potential and gives new resources for development;
• competition but not survival war will guarantee successful results and self-development to all process participants along with benefits from its achievement;
• absence of competition, by the way, leads to stagnation in a state, economy monopolization, quality loss of goods and services, and also to society degradation.
• drive to prosperity is human appetency;
• the measure of government effectiveness is the level of people prosperity; if standards of life becomes worse, we have to change the government.
These principles called us for collaboration and became the basis of all our actions.
It may be affirmed that by implementing these imperatives in Ukraine we shall change our county and world around us!