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Election Program

The electoral program of political party “Power of People

The goal of Ukraine as a state is to build a society of possibilities in which each person has access to education, health protection, community management, feels themselves in secure, could fill free to realize themselves, living in abundance and is responsible to the community.

Politicians must create an effective system of government in which every citizen could influence on the way of spending his paid taxes. Such citizen is responsible for himself, his family, his community and his country! 

The goal of Power of People

Power of People is an association of women and men of all ages and professions to build a strong European democratic country by rallying responsible citizens and combining them into a network of cells.

We are united as equal and independent, without sagamores and oligarchs. Values ​​and principles for us is much more important than personal interests. We are open to discussions on major issues of the future of Ukraine. We believe that the government should work for the people! 

During 23 years promises to change the country have remained just promises. It is time to conscious and Strong people who are responsible for their words and actions.

Task Force

In the next five years in Ukraine should be set up foundation for:

  • dynamic entrepreneurship development by creating conditions for investment and innovation (improving the business climate);
  • proper working of human prosperity and protection in the case of a difficult life circumstances (social justice);
  • self-organization of citizens and local government (real government in the community);
  • active participation of citizens in decision-making regarding all social and political affairs (develop of civil society);
  • quality model of public administration in the interests of the people, fair protection in the courts, honest law enforcement (good governance, security and protection of rights). 

The base of the country is self-sufficient and united people, who are confident in the future!

Priorities of Power of People

The reforms need systematic approach, qualified professionals and the will to change. For us reforms are not political slogans or campaign promises. We believe that reforms are the only chance to save the country.

We are a team that has the knowledge, is oriented in international experience, able to generate ideas and dialogue. The country needs a force that will form an honest and responsible middle class. We need real reform society prepared for them! 

Decentralization and real government

An urgent necessity is decentralization of power and providing real local self-government. Most services will not be provided by public authorities and organizations, but those who can do it cheaper, more efficient and more transparent – the private sector. Services guaranteed by the state, should be as close as possible to people and should provide directly in the community.

We believe that the state should not “absorb” the budget, but only provide them with clear and transparent distribution. This requires administrative, tax and fiscal reform, as well as providing the public with the ability to control the procurement budget. We are open all budget treasury accounts for public scrutiny.

Unity and territorial integrity

Ukraine is a sovereign and unitary state. The territorial integrity of the country is based on self-awareness and unity of the people, which grouped in the community, and through them – in the state.

We are initiating an extensive research of the communities’ needs in different regions of Ukraine and develop long-term strategies to achieve national unity. We are convinced that only an understanding of the problems and needs of people from different regions and joint work on them can provide an opportunity to build a modern and powerful state.

We support the Crimea return by joint action with the inhabitants of the peninsula, avoiding military confrontation and deepening social and economic ties. We initiate the adoption and implementation, we have developed programs return of the Crimea. Our methods are union actions with people on the peninsula, avoiding confrontation, deepening social and economic ties. Political party “Power of People” is creating World public movement “For the return of the Crimea!

Innovative and diversified economy

State economic policy in recent years has proved its complete ineffectiveness. The current economic structure is outdated and does not contribute to productivity growth and incomes. Creating preferences for oligarchs preserves the existing system and continue to threaten the existence of the state as such.

We believe that a strategic approach, the introduction of new technologies, the balance in the protection of the internal market and promoting the interests of Ukrainian business will help us create a productive economy.

A strong small and medium businesses

In Ukraine, the government should guarantee real protection of private property. Small business is the primary place of employment for many people. Due to medium-sized businesses is the real growth of the economy of Ukraine. Wealthy owners are the best source of investment.

We aim to create a system in which everyone can realize themselves in the workplace or in business, knowing that the state – partner and helper for him. Taxes make real. Taxpayers will receive regular reports.

Effective internal and external security

The government should be responsible for every life, and among its goal should be to create a secure environment for human life by combining all available events – political, economic, military, and other information.

We believe that every citizen who decided to devote himself to the protection of the state, must obtain the necessary skills and safeguards that would meet the highest standards and best international standards, and adequate financial support. The army has formed a professional manner with extremely patriotic and trained people.

We stand for fundamental reform of the law enforcement system. Police should be municipal. Powers of enforcement should be transferred to the field and fighting criminals and corruption – to become one of the national priorities.

International Policy and Partnership

Ukraine – European country. Citizens of Ukraine shall immediately be eligible for visa free travel to EU member states. As a result of the implementation of the Association Agreement with the EU, Ukraine has achieved a level of political and socio-economic development, to be able to apply for full membership in the EU.

We believe that Ukraine should be perspective on a new the markets. We seek termination of wars, including trade, in relations with any countries in the world. Ukraine finally should develop a clear and transparent foreign policy doctrine based on the principles of partnership, equality and mutual benefits.

Ukraine should immediately get rid of non-aligned status and restore integration processes for NATO to be able to become a member of the results of the referendum.

Wealthy and confident people

The best guarantee of social security in the country is high income of citizens who are able to manage, not to give in transparent state privileges and benefits.

We are convinced that Ukraine needs a system of social support for that kind of people who need help from society. Everyone should be guaranteed income that will provide an appropriate standard of living according to the actual social standards (cost of living, living wage, minimum wages and pensions).

Modern education, culture and science

Without quality education, our country will never be able to realize its full potential. The education system must meet the urgent needs of the labor market and focus on building a modern society of knowledge and opportunity.

We insist that the work of the teacher (teacher) and a scientist should receive appropriate evaluation and reward in our country. Ukraine should take care to preserve existing achievements and create a competitive environment for the development of applied science.

People should be accessible heritage of national and world culture, and the state should create conditions for the preservation and development of national culture and comprehensively support the Ukrainian talent.

Healthy people and healthy environment

Overcoming of social diseases, supporting people’s health and promoting a healthy lifestyle are the one of the main priorities of the state! Condition of environment should facilitate the birth and upbringing of healthy and active longevity.

We believe that health care should be modern, and their service quality and accessible to all citizens. Doctors are required to maintain health and a decent salary according to their qualifications. People need to live in a safe environment, to save and restore the state which has to use the leading European experience and encourage the use of new technologies.

We are proud of the achievements of professional athletes, promote a healthy lifestyle, Sports activities and physical education.

Power of Ukraine is in power people who live in it! Together we are POWER!!!