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Initiative group, which was created by active representatives of civil society from all over Ukraine, has established a Temporary National Organizing Committee.

January 2013


After protracted discussions as for principles of the political group and developing of  a single common position the political group Power of People was represented in Kyiv.

April 23, 2013


The first cells of Power of People were established already in June 2013.

The cell in Olevsk town of Zhitomir region is symbolic as was the first cell of Power of People. June 11, 2013


To develop the structure of Power of People and to unite persons with the same position sharing the same values presentations of Power of People took place in the regions of Ukraine during April – August 2013.


Power of People develops the organization structure all over Ukraine. The first Regional committee was established in Kyiv on November 1, 2013.

At the moment of the party registration a political group had the structure consisting of 1952 members and followers in 24 regions of Ukraine, Autonomic Republic of Crimea, 250 cells in 22 regions of Ukraine and in France.


European integration is the main priority of Ukraine’s development for Power of People. That’s why Power of People members were the most active members in Euromaidan.

The first tents which were camped in Maidan Nezalezhnisti in Kyiv on November 23, 2013 were the tents of Power of People activists.

The project Eurorevolution was initiated by Power of People initiative at the beginning of December 2013 (hyper link to the FB web page

On December 8, 2013 Power of People called Ukrainians for joining the action MARCH OF MILLIONS.

During MARCH OF MILLIONS Power of People initiated the action Civil Activity Evaluation on Euromaidan in order to express support for persons who were detained during protest actions in Bankova street on December 1.
In December 2013 a network of collective defence OURS was created by the initiative of POWER OF PEOPLE. This network was a basis for juridical, medical and other support of its members during Euromaidan.


After Euromaidan was over the members of the political group took a decision to go the next phase of development – establishing of a political party as an equal player on the Ukrainian political arena. On April 27, 2014 a founding congress of Power of People was held during which a decision was taken about organization of collection of signatures to support establishing of a political party, also the Statute and the party program were approved.


In May 2014 Power of People had a complex challenge – President election in Ukraine and extraordinary local elections in Kyiv. Even not being a political party Power of People made a decision about taking part in local elections by setting up candidates in single-mandate majority constituencies. But an oligarchic system which rooted in Ukrainian political elite did not left any chance for new players to win.


During 3 months (May-July 2014) activists all over Ukraine travel among cities and villages and collected signatures of concerned citizens who shared the idea of Power of People and wanted a fair political party emergence in Ukraine.


Aggression of Russia in eastern Ukraine could not be left without attention of Power of People.

Activists and members of the group from various corners of Ukraine voluntarily mobilized in squadrons Aidar and Kyiv-1.
A single direction of Power of People activity during that period was arranging support for defenders of Ukraine who were fighting in ATO zone.


On August 17, 2014 the first working congress of the political party Power of People was held during which the delegates approved series of program and statutory documents. At the same time a decision was taken about beginning to prepare for taking part by Power of People in elections on all levels.


On August 5, 2014 Power of People presented a set of documents for registration of a political party.

Already on August 20th the State Registration Service of Ukraine released a Registration Certificate for Power of People.

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